To fully assume the challenges we continuously face, pursuing to overcome them with harmony, rationality and meaningful dialogue.


To meet the legitimate expectations of all stakeholders, in particular through an equitable and sustainable distribution of the value generated within a framework based on the displayed degrees of dependability and competence.


  • To provide top quality products, backed by excellent service.

  • To establish strong relationships with our customers, understanding their needs and expectations, and taking the necessary actions to meet their demands.

  • To promote a positive, healthy and safe – and therefore productive – working environment.

  • To conduct business ethically, transmitting these principles to all those related to us, always reproaching incorrect or fraudulent practices.

  • To establish partnerships with suppliers, leveraging our business.

  • To recognize the role of workers as a key element of our performance, ensuring their adequate formation and training.

  • To understand the potential risks to workers and the environmental impact inherent to our activity, and actively working to mitigate them, in a perspective of continuous performance improvement.


  • Founded in 2004.
  • 120 workers.
  • Diverse customer portfolio.
  • Approximate turnover 10.000.000 euros.
  • Main markets: Italy, Sweden, Germany and Portugal.
  • Multidisciplinary teams, competent and committed to meet our customers needs.
  • OEKO-TEX®, GOTS (in implementation) Certifications.
  • Software: GPSystem and GPSKnit, internally developed tools for managing the production process.
  • Extensive equipment pool.


Established in Leça do Balio, part of the Porto district, benefiting from excellent logistics routes, we at Fortiustex have sought to modernize our industrial park to consistently add value to our customers.


Total Area 6 474 m²

Useful Area 4 162 m²