Fortiustex is focused on the upper mid-range textile sector. Endowed with a committed structure and human resources, with increased sensitivity to perfection, we promote the design of unique, distinctive products, always focused on meeting our customers needs and delivering added value.


The market is global, but FORTIUSTEX’s customer base acquires greater relevance in the European market. Fortiustex remains committed to its core vision, sparing no resources to engage with its customers, regardless of their geographic location.

The quality control of raw materials is carried by capable and properly trained technicians, using automatic inspection machines, upon arrival at our facilities. They analyze fabric rolls, being able to perform full or partial inspections, according to parameters that are internally defined for the different types of raw materials. This process allocates and marks the nonconformities which are then analyzed by the responsible technician, who will determine their posterior management during cutting, if possible, or the non-acceptance and return of the raw material.

The quality control of the final product, made by our technicians, internally and in our outsourcers. Monitoring all stages of the production process, including regular reporting by our QC, implies an effective control of all stages of production. Nonetheless, before shipping the final product, our QC team tests every batch by collecting statistically significant samples for analysis. This allows us to increase our confidence that the product that will reach our customer will be of the highest standard.


With two fully automated and one manual cutting tables, our GERBER cutting system is paramount in our production process. More than 90% of the garments we produce are cut in-house. This allows us to manage raw materials very effectively, removing the eventual non-conformities (streaks, stains, etc.) found by quality control, during the cutting process, with automatic or manual marker planning, which, together with the patterns department, allows us to ensure, with a high degree of certainty, an appropriate production behaviour in terms of measurements.


The certification process is vital for our company. We believe that our values, our organization and, above all, the service we provide to our customers deserves recognition and prominence.

We are GOTS, OEKO-TEX and GRS certified and members of SAC (Sustainable Apparel Coalition) and SEDEX.

We are delighted to see our customers increasingly in line with the green and sustainable policies that we strongly subscribe to, therefore seeking to provide FORTIUSTEX with a certification that not only empowers our vision but also inspires a confidence in our processes that will be reflected in our customers end products.